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Chairman Message

Model no. AFA-001

Bree Translation pool coverage system not only high appearance level, its quality is outstanding.

Model no. AFA-002

BREE custom builds the folding pool cover adds charm and beauty to this home, creating a comfortable open-air space. so the price for the folding deck varies according to the size of the pool.

Model no. AFA-003

Excellent bearing capacity, diverse functions, can change the scene according to the mood, to create a comfortable leisure space for you.

Model no. AFA-004

The modern-looking folding wooden deck as a high quality pool cover, only with the touch of a button, the deck slowly folds from the middle to reveal the clear pool for use.

Model no. AFA-005

Some clients are suffering about the swimming pool is too long and courtyard does not have enough area, and the automatic folding cover with a double folding system provides the best solution for your pool.

Model no. AFA-006

There's no denying that having a swimming pool in the backyard is the best thing. But with the question of safety, especially when you have kids running around the backyard. BREE has now come up with the very creative folding pool covers.

Model no. AFI-007

Automatic folding swimming pool covers developed not only to provide security and clean water preservation advantages, but also to allow enjoy the swimming pool area when closed, loads up to 100-400kg/m2.

Model no. AFI-008

Automatic folding pool cover for outdoor suitable for existing and new pools, BREE had designed multi-folding system for large swimming pool.

Model no. AFI-009

The folding floor uses a water-based hydraulic mechanism to fold in and out and the deck is covered with a stainless steel frame, it is capable of withstanding hundreds of kilograms per square meter.

Model no. AFI-0010

BREE cover systems is a company that has taken it upon itself to design and manufacture customized mechanical swimming pool floors (covers), Following the success of its folding pool covers so that you don't have to worry about safety at the pool anymore.


FOLDING DECK POOL COVER System, Customizing to Boree, enjoy the flat world.