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Model no.AHI-001

Automatic Slats Swimming Pool Cover In ground for Outdoor, Boree swimming pool cover, Perfect display in embassy of Mauritius.

Model no.AHI-002

Automatic Solar Pool Covers In ground for Outdoor, The beauty under the pool need the care of the Boree pool cover.

Model no.AHI-003

Automatic Solar Slats Pool Covers In ground for Indoor, Elegant interior decoration, bright lighting and Boree pool cover add radiance and beauty to each other。

Model no.AHI-004

Automatic Floating Pool Cover in Green Lawn Decoration for Outdoor, The Boree pool cover not only keep the pool water clean, also handsel another piece of green land for you.

Model no.AHI-005

Automatic Hard Pool Covers Concealing for Outdoor You Can Walk on, Save space and you can walk safety on covers, Boree covers service for you.

Model no.AHI-006

Automatic SPA Pool Covers In ground for Indoor,Looking up is a dreamy starry sky, suddenly a meteor crossed, as if falling on the Boree covers.

Model no.AHI-007

Automatic Floating Pool Covers In ground for Outdoor Any shapes, Private exclusive, Boree customize covers for all shaped pools.

Model no.AHA-001

Automatic Slats Pool Covers in Blue Above ground for Indoor, In the clear sky, sky blue and Boree blue became good friends.

Model no.AHA-002

Automatic Slatted Pool Covers Above ground for Outdoor, Autumn leaves fall, Boree covers keep the leaves and dust out shelter from swimming pool, keep it clean.

Model no.AHA-003

Automatic Insulated Pool Covers Above ground for Indoor, Whether day or night, open the Boree pool covers at any time, have a good swim and enjoy yourself in the pool.

Model no.MHA-001

Manual Solar Swimming Pool Cover Above ground for Outdoor/Indoor, shake the handle to open and close the pool slowly.


Slats pool covers system, Customizing to Boree, enjoy the flat world.